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If you own a motorhome or a caravan you are rolling on high pressure tyres. These tyres are made to carry heavy loads. For maximum safety and fuel economy it is critical that your tyres are properly inflated. The problem is that some truck tyres need very high pressures. Methods of achieving these pressures were difficult to find until now.

The Air-Up System is specifically designed to tackle this problem. It is light weight and fully portable.

The regulator is fully adjustable from 0-200 psi. To run air tools adjust the regulator to the manufactures recommended psi. Our tyre inflators go to 300 psi so there is no problem reaching the high pressures you need.

The Number one maintenance issue for caravans and motorhomes is tyre pressure. Proper tyre pressure for your RV should be found in your manual.

Tyre pressure should be checked at least once a month, before leaving on a trip and each day that you drive during a trip.

Tyre pressure should be checked while the tyres are cold or before they have been driven on that day. Tyre pressure ratings have been designed to allow for typical driving heat / pressure build up.

Properly maintained tyre pressure can provide thousands of additional kilometers of life to your tyres and greatly add to the safety of your RV and result in as much as 10% better fuel efficiency.

All tyres on the one axle should be inflated to the same tyre pressure.

Always rotate your tyres at regular intervals. Consult your manual for rotation recommendations.

Tyre cupping is often caused by improper tyre pressures..

Check your tyre pressure

Use your air jack

Use your impact wrench

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