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We have seen 4x4s with a tank of compressed air to reinflate tyres. The truth is these bulky tanks store very little energy. The Air-Up System is less than half the size of a 19 litre tank yet it can hold 10 times the energy. For example, a 19 litre air tank pressurized to 125 psi will air up two 31x10.5 4x4 tyres from 15-32 psi. Air-Up will reinflate 15 of the same tyres. Furthermore each re-inflation will take only approximately 20 seconds.

Performance Specifications
PSI No. of Tyres Inflation
AU-1 AU-2
30x9.5 R15 15-32 psi 20 40 17 seconds
31x10.5 R15 15-32 psi 15 30 20 seconds
35x12.5 R15 15-32 psi 8 16 32 seconds

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The Air-Up System is the most versatile air supply product. Use your Air Jack and a rattle gun to remove your flat tyre. No more struggling with high lift or bottle jacks.

The Air Jack is a unique design that uses compressed air to raise and lower motor vehicles quickly and easily. Their safety, reliability and speed make the air jack the ideal choice for under body servicing, wheel alignment, tyre replacement services and body repair work.

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Yes. CO2 vapor is inert (non-toxic & non-corrosive). CO2 vapor is perfectly safe for your tyres and wheels. In fact your body produces CO2 as a by-product. CO2s thermal expansion rate is similar to air (~1 psi change per 17 degree F temp. change). CO2 is considered a wet gas because it does start out in liquid form but the amount of moisture content per cu. ft. of vapor is often less than what you would see coming out of a air compressor. There is no need to worry about running air tools with CO2 either. Just maintain your air tools to the manufactures recommendations with proper air tool oil.

Yes. The Air-Up System uses liquid CO2 gas which is an inert, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable gas. Our aluminum cylinders are D.O.T. (Dept. of Transportation) approved. CO2 goes through a phase change from liquid to vapor as it releases its energy. This evaporative process slows the pressure release rate meaning that a CO2 tank will not become a high speed rocket like a scuba tank would in the rare event of a valve decapitation. A Power Tank is as safe as a CO2 fire extinguisher.

"Volume". CO2 will give you three times the energy of Nitrogen in a given tank size. Having one tank of CO2 is like carrying three tanks of nitrogen. This makes it more economical and means that youll have the power when you need it all in one small tank.

Yes. One of the advantages of the awesome power of The Air-Up System is the ability to quickly seat tyre beads without the need to remove the tyre or hassle with a tyre tourniquet. All you have to do is lift the corner of your vehicle with the un-beaded tyre. Get the tyre straight and clean on the rim. Remove the core of the valve stem. Set the outlet pressure of the Air-Up System to 150 psi. While holding the tyre straight on the rim push the end of the quick release coupler straight over the valve stem giving the tyre a quick blast of air. The sudden rush of air into the tyre pushes the sides of the tyre out and onto the side of the rim. Hold it there until the tyre has popped over the bead. Remove the hose from the valve stem and replace the valve core. Reset the tyre pressure, lower the jack and youre on your way.

Yes. Its quieter and quicker than a 12-volt compressor. There is no compressor noise. There is no waiting for the compressor to pressure up. Just run a hose down to the solenoid switch and set the regulator to the recommended pressure (~70-80 psi). As a precaution you must run a pressure release valve before the solenoid set to a maximum of 120 psi.

The cylinder must be upright or at least at a 30 degree upright angle while being used. The reason the cylinder must be upright during use is because you want the CO2 liquid at the bottom of the cylinder and vapor at the top coming through the regulator. We recommend you mount the cylinder vertical. You can mount the cylinder sideways but you will have to remove the cylinder from its bracket to use it up right.

Bracket is supplied powder coated black, with stainless steel hinge and latch. The latch is lockable. The bracket also comes with rubber stoppers to ensure the cylinder is not scratched.

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